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Why Us?

From a distance, one Third-Party Administrator may look like another.

And it’s true that many of us perform similar functions, promising accuracy and plan compliance. But when you take a closer look—and we invite you to do just that—it’s easy to see what sets Pension Plan Services apart from the rest.

You call, we answer

We know how busy you are running your business. We don’t think you should have to wait to get your questions answered or a problem solved. This is why we offer you a dedicated Pension Plan associate.

Whether you’re a financial advisor or an employer, we believe your business deserves the personal attention of an expert.

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We’re on your side

Our goal is to build a retirement plan that meets your goals and runs efficiently. We know that’s your goal, too. Our mantra is…

“We’re easy to do business with and we make plans work”.

We hold your best interests at heart.

We make life better

Whether you are a financial advisor, client, or TPA all of us are working to help people retire successfully.

Like you, we take that responsibility seriously.

We evaluate plan operations continuously, looking for expensive inefficiencies and missed tax opportunities. And as your business evolves, we will make sure your retirement plan does, too.

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We do what’s best for you